Michael Fromknecht
phone: Omitted for web use.
e-mail: michael@fromknecht.com
url: http://www.fromknecht.com
OBJECTIVE: Artist and animator looking for work in handheld and mobile.
SUMMARY: Experience working with the Nintendo DS, Wii, and mobile devices.
Participated in several student game productions.
Knowledge in several popular software packages.
EDUCATION: BA in Computer Visual Imaging: Game Design, April 2005.
Cogswell Polytechnical College, Sunnyvale, CA.

Wayforward Technologies, Valencia, CA, February 2007 to April 2010
2D and 3D art/animation processing and management for Nintendo DS.
3D modeling and texturing for Nintendo DS.
2D art for Nintendo DS and Wii including A Boy and His Blob.
Audio and visual localization for Shrek Babies and Duck Amuck.
Conceptual art production.

GoSub60, Santa Monica, CA, February April 2007 to July 2009.
Design, layout, and creation of in-game assets.
Asset resizing and processing for several mobile games.

Hands On Mobile, San Francisco, CA, October 2009.
Art resizing and creation on Guitar Hero: World Tour for Android devices.

Jakks Pacific Inc., Malibu, CA, September 2007.
2D animation for an LCD display piggy bank.

Happy Fun Team, L.L.C., San Jose, CA, February to August 2006
Founding Partner.
Sprite and Animation Production for Nightmare Before Christmas mobile.
Conceptual Art Production.


Cogswell Game Production Club, 2003-2005.
"Zombies, Zombies, Zombies," 3rd person Unreal mod - Producer.
"Gibrin," 2D point-and-click adventure - Art and Animation Lead.
"R3 Racing," Cart racing Unreal mod – Concept Artist.

Independent Game Production Projects.
"Dynamite Car Plane," Combo-based top-down shooter - Art Lead.
"Heck Razor," Top-down puzzle/adventure game - Art/Animation Lead.
"Moulin Rogue," 2D platformer for GBA - Art/Animation Lead.
"Turn Based Brawler," Low-spec action mobile demo - Concept Artist.

SKILLS: Knowledge and practice in traditional animation, concept development, Pro Motion, Photoshop, Mappy, Tile Studio, 3DS Max, Maya, XSI, Flash, Premiere, After Effects, Optpix, as well as proprietary art tools.
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