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Mock up artwork for a mobile game based on Disney's Aladdin.

Jungle Book
Mock up artwork for a mobile game based on Disney's Jungle Book.

Little Mermaid
Mock up artwork for a mobile game based on Disney's Little Mermaid.

Arabian Game Project
Characters for a flash game with an Arabian theme.

Female character idle, running, climbing, dying, and attacking.

Male character idle, running, and attacking.

God of War Mobile
Characters from the mobile version of God of War.

The task for these was to prepare the characters for animation after being given the reference model.

Snowball Kids RTS
Characters for an RTS game concept intended for mobile phones.

A few character sprites with color variants at 2X magnification.

Justice League
These were created as an exercise in working with an established property.

From the left: Etrigan, Deathstroke, Captain Cold, Blue Beetle at 2X magnification.

Etrigan smashing and Captain Cold jogging.

Ice Breakers
Assets for an iPhone puzzle game.

Layout image of several environments that became larger in scale as the player progressed.

A sample of animation for the tiles.

Moulin Rogue
A side scrolling platformer developed for the GBA.

Double size animations from the above sprites:

One of the enemy designs hovering and being defeated:

This is a working file for a proposed background for the demo:

Here are the pieces put together in a level at GBA resolution:

Here is a first pass at some enemy concepts. They all have different purposes, and some are better than others:

City Scape
I made this simply as an experiment to create a diverse city skyline with limited tiles. The ship is a sprite version of Captain Jone's ship from "Dynamite Car Plane."

A Happy Little Forrest
This was created to use thick outline and simple patterns as well as some characters.

Railway Standoff
An example of larger characters and an environment designed for scrolling and rapid background.

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