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I graduated Cogswell Polytechnical College in 2005 with BA in game design. It was there I was introduced to the game design field through the Game Club. I worked on a few projects there where I learned the basics of asset creation, working within scope limitations, and working with a varied team of people.

After graduation I started Happy Fun Team, L.L.C. with three other fellow Cogswell students. Together made a published mobile games and several demos.

Since then I have worked at Wayforward Technologies taking part in several projects including the mobile version of God of War and A Boy and his Blob. I've also worked for GoSub 60 making mobile games.

I have come to enjoy working in handheld and mobile. Here I get to utilize my 2D art and animation skills and continue to develop them in interesting ways. It is also refreshing to have the ability to work on a new project after four to six months.

Recently I have also been gaining interest the more technical aspects of the art pipeline. I spent a year creating, managing and troubleshooting the assets for an unreleased 3D DS game.


Sprite animations for a flash game I worked on have been posted.

Sprites have been added for God of War Mobile and an iPhone project I worked on.

I added another entry in to the projects section compliments of an exciting new Batman game. It's nothing huge but it was a lot of fun.

It's a new year and I'm back on the job market. Look forward to some new stuff soon.

New pieces in the sketchbook and digital art sections.

New model added to the 3D page.

Since we're living in the age of tabbed browsing I redesigned the gallery pages. They no longer require separate windows and I matched the formatting between the pages.

More render sheets in the 3D section.

A 3D Model page has been added to the gallery! There are only renders of DCP ships at the moment but there will be more up very soon.

The digital art gallery is up with some colorful pictures to look at. I also added the character sheet for the Snowball RTS to the sprites page.

I'm back in the job market so that means site updates. I've already updated the resume and projects page. I also added a little bit to the profile on the left. More exciting content will be added until I get some work.

I updated the resume and projects today. It's been so long since the last update I feel the previous news postings are pretty pointless.

That's right, it's an update. The "sketches" section is up in the gallery. Only three pieces are uploaded right now, but rest assured, more are on the way.

I think I know Pro Motion well enough to put it on my resume, so I did.

Some Justice League sprites were added from an exercise I did this week.

I added several Moulin Rogue sprite sets and animations to the "Sprites" page. I also took care of some formatting issues that were showing up on different browsers.

Today I added a resume to the home page in html and doc formats, slightly altered the look of the site, and trimmed the "Sprites" page.

The basic version of the "Sprites" pages is now linked of the gallery portion of the site. The blank sections will be filled with animated gifs of some characters very soon. Things are starting to come together.

It's been pretty long since my last update, but today should mark some rapid progress. Screenshots have been added to the "Projects" page.

The "Projects" section is layed out and a lot of the info is there. I also added a profile to your left and spent my afternoon scanning artwork. The gallery should be up in a basic form soon.

If you are here because of my Gamasutra resume, I'm very happy you have shown interest. You have also noticed there is no content at the moment. I will be working on filling out the site as the week progresses so feel free to e-mail me if you would like to see something sooner.

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