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Batman: The Brave and the Bold (DS)
Developed by Wayforward Technologies.

Role: Additional Art.

An exciting 2D game based on the animated series of the same name.

I helped animate an alternate Batman sprite that is playable throughout the game.

A Boy and His Blob (Wii)
Developed by Wayforward Technologies.

Role: Additional Art.

The new re-imagining of the classic NES title.

I created many of the objects that the player will interact with through the levels.

More Mobile Games Than I Can Remember
Developed for GoSub60.

Role: Design, layout, creation, resizing, and processing of assets.

Throughout the last couple years I've had my hands on several mobile games and projects ranging from solitaire and sudoku games to finding hidden objects and coloring books. There have also been a mix of licensed to original titles. I also helped port to web-based versions of some titles as well as the iphone/ipod touch.

Guitar Hero: World Tour Mobile
Developed by Hands On Mobile.

Role: Creation, resizing, and processing of assets.

I helped bring this title to Android devices by resizing and processing all the assets.

Unreleased 3D Nintendo DS Title
Developed by Wayforward Technologies.

Role: 3D art creation, processing, and management.

This was a very ambitious 3D game for the DS based on a well known license. Since it was never fully complete or announced that is about all I can say about it.

During the year of development I worked with in-house as well as outsourced artists to get all the models, textures, and animation through the art pipeline. I also produced a lot of assets for both the final product and for temporary purposes.

Shrek the Third: Ogres and Dronkeys
Developed by Wayforward Technologies.

Role: Localization.

Your ogre and dronkey are ready for an adventure! Take them out into Shrek's fun and exciting fairytale land.

(Description above from the Wayforward web site)

I helped render and localize the cut scenes

Looney Tunes: Duck Amuck
Developed by Wayforward Technologies.

Role: Art/Animation Processing and Localization.

Looney Tunes: Duck Amuck lets players wield the Nintendo DS stylus to irritate, aggravate and infuriate their own Daffy Duck in humorous ways.

(Description above from the Wayforward web site)

My job was to take all the animations from the outsourced studio and convert them for use on the DS. I made a wide variety of batch files during the course of this project. I also overlayed European audio in to the cut scenes.

God of War Mobile
Developed by Wayforward Technologies.

Role: Art/Animation.

The mobile version of the hit console game.

I had a very minor role in this project through Wayforward. I animated the Zeus and Hades heads. I also prepped an ogre and a horseman for animation. This was done by breaking apart two sprite models in to separate pieces and then recreating them in several angles for the specialized animation system.

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
Developed by Happy Fun Team, L.L.C.
Published by MDisney

Role: Art/Animation Lead.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is an action puzzle game in which the player explores the trap-filled world of The Nightmare Before Christmas. In each area, Jack must collect all of the presents in order to advance. As Jack reaches new areas of Halloween Town, the player's brain and thumbs will be stretched to the max.

"Nightmare" was Happy Fun Team's first and only published title.

Moulin Rogue: All Fired Up
Developed by Happy Fun Team, L.L.C.

Role: Art/Animation Lead.

Moulin Rogue must use his agility and the powerful "ignition dash" to clear each level. Back flip, wall jump, and get fired up to collect all the gems in each stage. Hazards such as spikes, lava, and waterfalls must be traversed to accomplish his goal of defeating the evil Skullo and his army of ghouls.

"Moulin Rogue" was developed as a mobile series 60 device demo to showcase Happy Fun Team's ability to create a side scrolling game with exceptional character handling as well as the ability to operate on specific hardware (and a physics-based scarf) and was later ported to GBA.

Turn-Based Brawler
Developed by Happy Fun Team, L.L.C.

Role: Character Design.

Help the cute little hamster slice his foes to ribbons in this action-packed stroll through the woods.

The idea of TBB was to bring the action of an arcade brawler to mobile phones with limited resolution, low frame rates, and button press restrictions.

Heck Razor: Little Luci's Big Adventure
Developed by Happy Fun Team, L.L.C.

Role: Art/Animation Lead.

With your help, Luci must collect all the portal gems to proceed through the wastes of Hell and put a stop the Heaven's invasion.

"Heck Razor" was Happy Fun Team's first experience developing for mobile devices. The Brew version was created in about a month and was ported to Java shortly after. This game would later become "Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas."

Dynamite Car Plane
Developed by Happy Fun Team, L.L.C.

Role: Character design, ship/environment modeling and texturing.

Dynamite Combo! Captain Jones, Ana, and the mysterious Enyea must protect Golorgia from the evil Squaklian threat. Use your enemies to your advantage with the unique combo system and get the highest score you can.

"DCP" was originally created as a senior project game for with the Nokia N-Gage in mind. It was also Happy Fun Team's first project. It was eventually given a graphical upgrade and labeled as a PC game.

Zombies, Zombies, Zombies!
Developed by Cogswell's Game Club.

Role: Producer.

Do you have what it takes to survive a hoard of hungry zombies? It's a race against time as more of those lovable flesh eaters poor in around you through every door.

This was one of the more successful 3D projects the Game Club took on. "Zombies" was an Unreal mod that brought the camera to a fixed, tracking position and used relative character control. There was only one zombie model in the game, there wasn't.

Developed by Cogswell's Game Club.

Role: Art/Animation Lead.

Gibrin is a point and click adventure in the vein of Monkey Island. It plots the exploits of Gibrin. A loveable green alien that crash-lands on a strange alien world. The player guides Gibrin through the world helping him retrieve his lost space ship pieces.

Developed in Flash with the Game Club's "Point and Click Adventure Engine," this was one of the most enjoyable projects I had the privilege of working on.

R3 Racing
Developed by Cogswell's Game Club.

Role: Concept Artist.

Get first place by blasting your enemies and speeding by. This cart-style racer would have pulled out all the stops if it were ever playable.

The Game Club's first Unreal mod was an ambitious project to say the least.

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